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Specialists in aquaculture technology solutions

Here at Bloom Aqua, we live aquaculture.
Starting from humble beginnings, our expert team have witnessed and taken part in all types of projects in all corners of the world, from the traditional – ponds and cages – to the next generation of RAS technology. It will be a pleasure to assist you with your aquaculture needs.

Mini Indoor

Bloom Aqua has created a variety of modular, turnkey solutions to satisfy the market for smaller intensive fish production systems.

Providing the key benefits of full RAS systems at affordable prices, our systems create optimal growing conditions for a wide variety of species.

Our Mini Indoor systems allow for year-round control of the growing process, giving you the opportunity to grow locally and producing warm water aquaculture species in cold climates and vice versa.

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Pond & Cage

Our team of designers have worked on traditional pond and cage projects worldwide.

If you’re trying to set up and manage a greenfield project, troubleshoot new equipment, or find a supplier for your pond and cage system, we can help.

Contact us today and talk to our team for a free initial consultation to assess your needs.

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The benefits of decades of aquaculture expertise from all parts of the globe cannot be understated.

Whatever the project, no matter the problem, we know how to make your aquaculture project a reality.

Feel free to reach out and we will be happy to assist.

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Aquaculture Equipment

Bloom Aqua works with the best equipment suppliers in the world. Take a look at the extensive range of products we offer.

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